A League with Cristiano Ronaldo... and another without him
A League with Cristiano Ronaldo... and another without him
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Real Madrid depend on Cristiano Ronaldo's sbobet มือ ถือ form to get wins and their poor first half to the season came down to their striker's inability to find the back of the net, but now he is back to his best, and again proving to be the major difference for his side in LaLiga. Los Blancos took quite some time to get back to their lethal ways, so much that it has cost them LaLiga and to understand their poor first half of the season, it is necessary to look at Ronaldo's numbers.After 12 games he had only one goal in the bag and needed 55 shots to find that single goal. But now he scores for fun, as the star netted four times against Girona last Sunday, the same number of goals he produced from the entire first half of LaLiga. Madrid's position after the first sbobet มือ ถือ half of the domestic competition, without their goalscoring player in form, was fourth spot in the table with 35 points, five away from Valencia, seven from Atletico Madrid and 16 from leaders Barcelona. In fact, in that first round, without the goals of Cristiano, Madrid came close to jeopardizing their place in next year's Champions League.Their position in LaLiga resulted in Toni Kroos expressing the need of staying within the top four, something very uncommon for this star-studded team."16 points are a lot and we can not think about the league now, only the first four," the German admitted.While Ronaldo's sluggish form was the main problem behind Madrid's poor first half, the other players also struggled on the pitch and looked to be out of sync. Second roundWhen Cristiano performs at his best, Madrid is a champion team.This has been the case in recent years, and that is the way it is now, specifically, in this second round of LaLiga, as the Portuguese star has netted 18 goals since January 21. Ronaldo's goals have been essential in the results of Los sbobet มือ ถือ Blancos, balancing out nine victories, one draw and only one defeat since their fixture against Deportivo.In addition, Zinedine Zidane's men have added 25 points and are leaders of this second part of the championship.They are even ahead of Barcelona, who have accumulated 24 points, Atletico with 22 and Valencia, who have achieved 19.Madrid's major comeback has been down to the Portuguese player, who has reinvented the lethal Spanish side.In fact, if Ronaldo had started the league at this current level, Madrid would be the leaders.A very different league with and without Cristiano.
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