sbobet mobile Higuain: Destructive criticism goes in one ea
sbobet mobile Higuain: Destructive criticism goes in one ea
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Ex-Real Madrid star Gonzalo Higuain helped Juventus into the Champions League quarterfinals at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur, and had a message for all of his haters.Far from affecting his performances, the criticism he receives goes one ear and out of the other.After the game at Wembley on Wednesday night, sbobet mobile sat down to grab a few words with him.Did you celebrate the goal with anger? "Yes, we needed something like that. It was the goal that put us again in the tie and that's why I celebrated it that way, that way."It seemed like there was dedication... "Not at all. For many years, I haven't cared what is said. The destructive criticism goes through one ear and out through the other. Those who try to contribute, I listen to them, but nor do I pay much attention to the praise. sbobet mobile My maxim has always been the same and it is
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